The Two-day Princesses of Sugbu



Sugbu or also known as Cebu is the city of my many firsts.

It was my first to fly locally, and it felt freeing. I have never swim in the open sea my whole neither went to the beach for summer vacation. I was always excited and scared swimming in the open sea. I was afraid of the unknown, it felt like something would just pull me in somewhere and would never come back to the open land.

But, when I have swum with the whale sharks in Sugbu, it felt like I was one with the world. I know Sugbu is still not one-fourth of the body of water the world has. Just from riding the boat going to the whale shark was already exhilarating, just seeing the line where the sky meets the sea makes me think of what’s behind it, how far it goes?

Just riding the motorcycle going to Tumalog falls while looking at the sky seeing the sea of clouds without seeing any shadow of building felt like I was closer to the sky. It felt like I was closer to the earth. I even compared it to Paradise. Para-para-paradise. Then, jumping in Hidden falls made all my nerves tingling and it made me feel more alive than ever. I have never had a good laugh. I have never felt tired but, made me feel alive.

When we rode a boat to Sumilon just for ourselves, because we arrived late. When we rode a car for our day trip to Sirao Garden, Temple of Leah, Taoist Temple, Fort San Pedro, Lapu-Lapu/Mactan. It made us feel we were princesses of Sugbu, and because of that good experience made me feel that we were one with Sugbu.

This two-day trip – first of the many will be my favorite. I know for sure when I look back someday, I will tell the story how we became Princesses for two days.