To the Man in the Future, Timing and Fate


My Sassy Girl

            There are certain scenes that still intrigued me even after nine years. Like in Windstruck, the scene where Jun Ji Hyun was about to give a book that she read with Jang Hyuk in the past. When she opened it she saw a group picture of high school students posing amusingly. Then, she saw herself behind them posing demurely in front of the camera. It was an intriguing scene that it kept bothering me for the last couple of years. It gave me a lot of what ifs to asked – what if there’s a photo of me and someone I was supposed to end up to be with is just somewhere and I just haven’t seen it, what if I know that someone already and we just both don’t know it yet, what if we’re just nearby and our paths just couldn’t align just yet? It represented deeply of timing and fate for me. I am not a believer of fate but, I do believe in timing and it meant so much for me.

            Then, in My Sassy Girl the scene where Jun Ji Hyun was saying his litany about the man in the future, about how Cha Taehyun and she are from the future. I couldn’t understand why they were from the future or how that was possible. But, now after nine years. I guess I answered that question. They are from the future, that man Jun Ji Hyun was talking to was Cha Taehyun from the future. At first, I didn’t get the time travelling theme of the movie I thought it was just a metaphor I didn’t catch. But, I guess it is. I thought that she talked about they were from the future because, in the future they knew that they would be together but, did not know it yet in the past. Fate knew that they were the one for each other. Fate knew they were right for each other but, couldn’t just fulfill their destiny just yet because Jun Ji Hyun’s character was still struggling with her inner demons. She couldn’t forget her dead ex-boyfriend and in addition she mentioned how Cha Taehyun was so similar to him that she sees her in him. They had to go their separate ways to confirm their feelings and had to figure out what was to come out of their relationship if they were to end up together.

            In the first scene of the film, Cha Taehyun was interrupted by a call from his mother telling him to visit his aunt and meet a potential date. At the train on his way to his aunt’s he observes a drunk girl, standing unsteadily close to the edge of the train and, as the train approaches he pulls her to safety just in time. Inside the train, he cannot help but stare at Jun Ji Hyun who is his “type” but repulsed by her drunkenness. We didn’t know at first who was his potential date at that time. It was only made clear when at the ending scene we see Cha Taehyun’s aunt and Jun Ji Hyun sitting together in a restaurant. We then figured that they were supposed to meet each other from day one but, fate couldn’t resist to interfere. And then, when Cha Taehyun entered the restaurant and saw each other from eye to eye they knew. It was fate but, timing couldn’t give in just yet.

            Cha Taehyun’s character said in the last scene:

            “This is how I met her again, think it’s too much by chance? But chance, for some willing to try is building a bridge of fate for your love.”

            They were from the future because it was written in their fate – they knew they were for each other from the first day they met but, did not know it just yet because timing couldn’t fulfill their destiny to be together because timing is a bitch. That is why they both – together interfere with their fate. I am deeply envious of their story of how they found each other even if fate kept on interrupting their meetings. But, I could not have the guts to be envious of what they have been through, I guess because it was not really the people who struggled the most but, how time couldn’t get the timing right. At least, in the end they ended up together. At least, they still had the chance to find each other.


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