2017: 22 Challenge!

I promised this year, that 2017 will be a blast of colors and love. Don’t worry, Love, I told myself. You will be shook after this year is over, so much have happened already that you did not even realized and noticed that it’s just another year to live. And, there are things that you would never expect, so wait for it.

I made a list to make 2017 a blast!

  1. Get pierced, I have already done this last year! March, 2016
  2. Learn how to ride a bike, I just learned how to last summer – with cousins!
  3. Learn how to drive, then drive around the Metro while listening to UDD’s Capacities.
  4. Swim in the sea for once, I went to Cebu and enjoyed my experience. Drank a lot of sea salt water! Hahaha
  5. Ride motorcycle, rode a motorcycle (Habal-habal, in particular) in Cebu!
  6. Next, learn how to drive motorcycle.
  7. Establish my own business.
  8. Make postcards painted by me.
  9. Visit Ocean Parks.
  10. Attend wine tasting events.
  11. Attend more art (painting, workshops, exhibitions) events.
  12. Attend concerts.
  13. Attend musicals.
  14. Dance with someone.
  15. Sing with someone.
  16. Play an instrument with someone.
  17. Learn Japanese.
  18. Learn Korean.
  19. Play a song for someone.
  20. Write a novel.
  21. Make a film.
  22. Finish my thesis & proposal.

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